Full Term Due Date
Our Photography is Changing

Thank You

To our many former clients. It was such an incredible honor to serve you. Pure Allure Photography, LLC is transitioning at this time. As some of you know, a few years ago my Dad became very ill with Alzheimer’s. He passed away in May of 2020. This was very hard for me as not only did I lose my Dad, but also my last real connection to my Mom who passed 10 years before him.

This loss forced me to reflect on the time I dedicate to life. Much of it had been spent growing our automotive and photography businesses, too much to be truthful. I temporarily closed PAP and focused only on our automotive shop. Will we return to emotionally charged photography as we did before? We hope to. Our clients are the best and bring us more joy than they might ever know.

What Will We Offer

We love Maternity the most. There is just something incredible about the creation of a new life. If we choose to push this business in any direction, maternity will be our main focus. Seeing a mommy-to-be embracing so much love for a little one she has yet to meet fills me with creativity. An entire world of art comes to my mind. Love, joy, and beauty combine to inspire me in an incredible way.

Full Term Due Date

What about Weddings, Family Photography, and Engagements?

These moments are no less important than a baby in a womb, but they do not bring us the same level of joy as that very special time when a family is growing. To be frank, Weddings, Family, and Engagement photography pay swell…..if you don’t mind the sales side of things. I can’t stand to “sell”. I’d rather “offer”. Offering maternity services is what I feel will bring us the most success.