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Advertising that Gets Attention

Concord Studio Set Scene
March 3, 2016

Advertising has never relied so heavily on images as it does today. Our photography grabs your clients eyes and quickly shows your product or service as the must have item. We listen to your needs and help you shape images that will appeal to your target audience. Our editing styles are adjusted to speak directly to the product or service you provide.

Your clients already know how great your products are. But the rest of the world doesn't. Our team works hard to capture what you offer in the best way possible. If you sell a product we can help showcase that product as beautifully as possible. If your product has a function we will capture how it useful it is and how those who utilize it are happy. When you want to show off a service we capture your satisfied clients and display how your service makes life easier.

We work within your budget to create the images you desire. Each commercial photography session is custom tailored for your needs. We listen to your goals and work with you to produce the best images possible.

Our photographs have been used for many products and services. We have provided photography for high end dining establishments, clothing and jewelry designers and promotional material for fashion shows. Our images have been published in magazines, educational materials, business cards and flyers. Contact us with your needs and we'll do our very best to produce images that will captivate your clients.

We Provide Studio and On-Location Photography

Our services are billed per hour. Photography and editing fees are estimated during our initial consultation. Additional services can be purchased at any time but large requests may alter the date which we deliver your images. We love seeing businesses grow and knowing we had a part in making that happen gives us pride. We look forward to hearing from you.